TAGA CAT Property Program




TAGA Program Managers is happy to offer a new program designed for properties in areas prone to catastrophic weather, specifically in Tier 1.

This is coverage designed to service your hard to place wind, hail, flood and earthquake exposed risks of all sizes up to $250 million TIV. There are over 100 targeted classes, including but not limited to: Hotels, Condominiums, LROs, Office, Warehousing, Schools, Governmental Buildings, Builders Risk, Manufacturing etc.

TAGApm offers various options to satisfy your clients’ specific needs, such as All Risk or Wind-Only Options; AOP/Wind Deductible Buybacks with Multiple Deductible Options, dependent on the building, location or risk.

TAGApm also has the Program Capability to create a Captive Program for your agency for large TIV schedule of similar risks.

Optional Coverages Offered

  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Earthquake
  • Flood in Primary NFIP-All Zones
  • Monoline Terrorism



All submissions must be submitted on ACORD Forms along with applicable supplemental applications completed for each location.
The following Applications are available for submission online:
Supplemental Questionnaire - CAT Property

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