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Standard Lines Applications

We look forward to the opportunity to provide you a competitive solutions for your Standard Lines business. Please fill out the appropriate application below to receive a timely quote from one of our many Standard Lines markets. If you don’t see the application or supplement you need, please contact one of the underwriters or other staff listed on the Standard Lines page.

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Insurors Indemnity Antique Stores Supplemental
Insurors Indemnity Artisan Contractor Questionnaire
Insurors Indemnity Janitorial Service
Insurors Indemnity – Restaurant
Insurors Indemnity – Mini Warehouse
Insurors Indemnity – Machine Shop – Welding
Insurors Indemnity Landscape Gardening Contractor
Insurors Indemnity Grocery Stores and Convenience
Insurors Indemnity Electrical Contractors v1
Older Building Questionnaire
Shopping Strip Center

Please note, if you are having any issues with the application, please:

1. Print a blank application and complete it manually. The “Print Blank ” is located directly above the application in the right hand corner.
2. Contact Rob Starcher, TAGA Marketing at 512-531-1744 or and let him know the issue you’re having.