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Premium Finance LP

Thank you for choosing TAGA Premium Finance. We are proud to provide convenient financing options for our agents and their clients. We offer this quality service on almost all TAGA policy premiums.

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TAGA Premium Finance L.P. Procedures

Finance quotes should be sent with most policy quotes except workers compensation.

  • Once received the agent/insured may choose to use the TAGA Premium Finance note or disregard it.
  • If the agent/insured chooses to use the TAGA Premium Finance note then it must be signed and dated on both pages of the note by the appropriate party.
  • The signed and dated note must then be faxed or mailed back to TAGA Premium Finance with the request to bind policy and the note will be set up.
  • The day the note is set up the insured is mailed a sheet of 9 coupons (9 installments).
  • The first payment is due 30 days after the inception date of the policy.
  • If TAGA Premium Finance does not receive the payment within 10 days after the due date then a “Notice of Intent to Cancel” is mailed out to the agent and the insured.
  • If TAGA Premium Finance does not receive payment within another 10 days after the “Notice of Intent to Cancel” is issued then a “Cancellation Notice” will be mailed to the insured, agent and Tejas American General Agency.
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TAGA Premium Finance Online

Make payments and view account activities online. To use this feature, please set up an account with TAGA Premium Finance Online. For more information, please contact Stephanie Hilscher at 512-531-1724 or

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Donayne Sallee

Accts Payable, Canx/Reins, Premium Finance
Work Phone: 888-999-8242 x 231
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Biographical Info

Donayne started with TAGA in January 2013 as a Policy Technician. She believes the best reward possible is to make others happy by helping them achieve their goals. A native Texan, Donayne is married with three grown children who have proudly given her their left-behind cats and a couple of “grand-dogs.”

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